“Working with Melanie is an incredible experience. She understands character, story, and structure and she makes sure that every idea is explored and played with. She cares passionately about the story as much as you do and that’s a rare find.”
Luke Eve, Film Director

“Melanie is a brilliant editor and a joy to work with.
I’m honored that she chooses to edit my films.”

Penny Vozniak, Film Director

“The way Melanie invests herself in her work is evident in everything she does. Her understanding of story and the importance of timing brought my project to the next level.”
Ashley Hillis, Film Director

“Melanie is a masterful editor. She makes the post-production process a dream. I am so grateful for her work and her kindness as a human being.”
Emma Barrett, Film Director

“Melanie has an excellent sense of pacing, poetry, details and the nuances of a story. She’s also extremely organized and efficient and just an absolute pleasure to work with.”
Elizabeth Mirzaei, Film Director

“Mel is everything you want in an editor – game to try even the most unrealistic pitch, has a keen eye for performance, and brings great ideas to the table. She’s a true storyteller and brilliant collaborator.”
Ashley Brim, Film Director