High Life


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Luke Eve
Adam Dolman
More Sauce, Screen Australia, CanalPlay
One Hour or 6 x 10 minutes

A sensible, creative and overachieving 17-year-old girl in a respectable, middle-class family seems to be having the perfect ride… until her sanity spectacularly unravels.

High Life is a comic drama about an unexpected teenage crisis; a bomb-blast in a safe, middle-class and discreetly dysfunctional family who are completely unprepared for their daughter’s emotional collapse.  However, this is much worse than regular teenage behaviour…

The most awarded web series world wide in 2017. Winner Grand Jury Prize at Toronto Web Festival, Winner Best Editor at Toronto Web Festival, Winner Best Drama, Best Director and Best Actor at Melbourne Web Fest, Winner Best Drama, Best Director and Best Actress at Austin Web Fest, Winner Best Drama at Seoul Web Fest, Winner Best Drama at Berlin Web Fest, Winner Best Director, Best Writer, Best Actor and Best Editing at the International Academy of Web Television Awards, Winner Best Drama at BiSeriesland Web Fest